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A None B about 800 C about 1500 D about 2500 E about 3500 F about 4000 :_SsSP A0B0C0DV*N4ls^/The Intensive Program is offered only to students in Chinese level A, B, C and DXY8lEN0W@W/Full non-Chinese permanent postal address: 5u݋/Tel: Ow/Fax: E-mail:U_SwfNc6e0W@W/Address to receive the admission package, if different from above: 5u݋/Tel: Ow/Fax: E-mail:,gN{S(Nؚ-N_Y)/Curriculum vitaeStarting from high school USMOPrevious and current educational institute & employer eyears attended (from/to) LRPosition From to From to [^;NbXT/Family members Y T/ Name sQ|/ Relation 5u݋/ Tel. bONbONSN/f6rkbNb gS VM| NP, FOf[u NZPbON Emergency contact (Can be a parent or relative of the applicant, out of China, or in China. Student cannot be the contact) Y T/ Name: VM|/ Nationality: N,gNsQ|/Relationship to the applicant: 8lEN0W@W/Permanent Mailing Address: USMO/ Name of employer:  "  . n  ( * , 4 6 8 @ B X \ t z ͻͲ hF1@ hF1o( h1Ho(hF1hF15@\o( hF1@o( hF1@hF15@\h}@CJo(hF1@CJo(hF1@CJhF15@CJ0KHPJh}5@CJ0KHPJo(hF15@CJ0KHPJo(5"r * , 6 X t | t$d$Ifa$gd$d$1$Ifa$gd$d$1$Ifa$gdrY d$1$Ifgd$d$Ifa$gdUD VD]^gdU VD^gdU $da$gd} $da$gdF1 $d a$gdF1 =1 d$Ifgdkd$$IfTl4\#*)0*44 layt2!T d$Ifgd$d$Ifa$gd ,kd+$$IfTl4J\#*)0*44 layt2!T$d$Ifa$gd$d$1$Ifa$gd d$Ifgd  & ( * $d$1$Ifa$gd$d$Ifa$gd m d$Ifgd$d$Ifa$gd N  , 4 X \ ^ h j n p v x z ~  ( 0 2 @ X  , > J prxҾҾ޺Ҵh2!ehr h2!@o( h2!@hO^h2!h2!@OJQJo( h2!5 h2!o( h2!5o( h5>hO^h5>hO^o(h{ h{o(hF1 hF1o(?* , 6 R E66* d$Ifgd{$d$Ifa$gd mkdH$$IfTl4rX#*) 5 0*44 layt2!T 9kdi$$IfTl4\#*)0*44 layt2!T$d$1$Ifa$gd d$1$Ifgd   $ & $d$1$Ifa$gd$d$Ifa$gdd d$Ifgd$d$1$Ifa$gd & ( V X E9- d $Ifgd d$Ifgdkd|$$IfTl4r{ #*)/0*44 layt2!TX =4 $IfgdZkd$$IfTl\{ #* /0*44 layt2!T d $Ifgd$d$1$Ifa$gd 3 > thX "d$IfgdZ d8$Ifgdc d$Ifgdckd$$IfTl0*:0*44 layt2!T p&ttt d$Ifgd2!kdQ$$IfTlg0 *T 0*44 layt2!T$&(468:<>J  "DXZ\b^nz~ "BDļhYz hYzo(hF1fH q h 7hF1 hF1o(hF15\o(hO^ h5>hO^h2!eho(r h2!o(h2!h2!ehrBXZ\www d$Ifgdd$0$IfXDgdO^lkd$$IfTlr**0*44 layt2!T~uui d$Ifgdd$$Ifgdd$0$IfXDgdlkd$$IfTlm**0*44 layt2!T zJnByygidh$IfWD2`igdH dh$IfgdHd($IfgdHlkdZ $$IfTl**0*44 layt2!TDvxz~$&.24DFHJLnAB,2<p$ hmo( hm>*o( h 7o(h[ hYzo( h1y>*o(h]h hVo( h]h>*o( h]ho(h+v h+vo( h)o( hYzo(hYzGBC,dykk d$G$Ifgd%b\ d$Ifgdcd$Ifgdclkd $$IfTl9**0*44 layt2!T$`bd*VbdHHHHHHHHHHHH I*o(h 7 hHo( h ~Q>*o(U hH>*o( ho( hYz>* hYzo(h@OJQJhYz5@OJQJ\o(hYz@OJQJhYz@OJQJo( hmo(hYz hm>*o(:VHbIwkkkk] d$G$Ifgd dh$IfgdH dh$Ifgdd,x$IfXD2gdhClkd $$IfTlw**0*44 layt2!T 5u݋/Tel: (OO[/home) E-mail: f[u{|+R/Programs for exchange students Note: Students only can choose one of the following options. BA Chinese language does not include English taught courses. International Economics and Trade does not include Chinese language courses. %IlNN/BA Chinese Language Students will be placed in appropriate classes after a placement test upon registration. Chinese language courses are 4 hours per day from 8:30-12:30, 20 hours per week, including Comprehensive Chinese, Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading, Chinese Culture, etc. More details can be found on web pages here,  HYPERLINK "http://enexchange.blcu.edu.cn/col/col3931/index.html" http://enexchange.blcu.edu.cn/col/col3931/index.html 3uPge/The following documents for an exchange student applicant are required: 001. 3ubgq YpSN/A photocopy of the applicant s passport 002. bON gHeNv YpSNbgq0~vbN /A photocopy of the applicant s emergency contact person's identity document (passport, driving license, or other official ID) 003. b~US/Transcripts of records 004. f[/gcPO/Academic referenceOO[/Accommodation reservation (if an on campus room need)Room TypeRoom FacilitiesFee (RMB/person/day)Standard price4-6 weeks12 weeks20 weeks and above%Double RoomTelephone, TV, air-conditioner, refrigerator, washroom  HYPERLINK "http://app.blcu.edu.cn/building17_cn/cn/default/index.aspx" http://app.blcu.edu.cn/building17_cn/cn/default/index.aspx 95757065I do not need on campus room b?aa0RSN'Yf[f[`N (W!hf[`NgOZP0R NRTy 1. u[-NNSNlqQTVl_0 2. NNNf[`NvvNYv;mR0 3. u[f[!hvTyĉz6R^ RRf[`N0 4. ce4~f[!hĉ[vf[u^4~vTy9(u0 I am willing to study at Beijing Language and Culture University. I pledge the following terms during my study: 1. I will abide by the laws of the People s Republic of China. 2. I will not engage in activities bearing no relation with my academic pursuit in China. 3. I will study industriously and observe all rules and regulations of the University. 4. I will pay all expenses on time. f[u,gN~{W[/Signature of the applicant: Date:Please ask the exchange co-ordinator at your school to complete the following: Name: ________________________________ Email: __________________________________ Signature of Exchange Co-ordinator:_____________________________ Date: ________________     `IbIdInI|I~IIIIJJ J"J&Jo( hY7o(hY7 h5>o( h5>h5>h5>h5>o(h5>5CJo(hwc5CJo(hve5CJo( hYz5CJhYz5CJo(hYz hYzo(&bIdIIdP$Ifgdlkd+ $$IfTlC **0*44 layt2!TMMMM`NdNfNNNNNNNNNtOvO~OOOOOOOPïq`Oq!h5>CJKHOJQJ^JaJo(!h\tCJKHOJQJ^JaJo('h\th\tCJKHOJQJ^JaJo( h\to($h\th\tCJKHOJQJ^JaJ#h\th\t5KHOJQJ^JaJ&h\th\t5KHOJQJ^JaJo(hYzhQhQmH sH hs_phs_po( hZo( hDo(hjWphD0J hDhDjhDUhDNNvOOQ^QQ#$If[$\$gd\tlkd $$IfTl **0*44 layt2!TP P Q"Q&Q.QbQdQhQQQQQQQQQQQRRRR۶ʦʜsbsbsNsNs:&h\ths_p5KHOJQJ^JaJo(&h\th~H5KHOJQJ^JaJo( h~H5KHOJQJ^JaJo(&h\th\t5KHOJQJ^JaJo( hs_p5KHOJQJ^JaJo(h\th\th\t5o(h\tCJKHOJQJ^JaJ'h\th\tCJKHOJQJ^JaJo(!h\tCJKHOJQJ^JaJo($h\th\tCJKHOJQJ^JaJ!hs_pCJKHOJQJ^JaJo(QQR#$If[$\$gd~Hlkdo $$IfTl)**0*44 layt2!TRR(RHRrRmm#$$If[$\$a$gd~H#$$If[$\$a$gd."Flkd $$IfTl)**0*44 layt2!TRRHRpRrRtRxRRRRS@SVSjSlSnSSSSTtTvTxTzTTTTT覒oZSNG h70hWh hWho( h@h2!(h|h2!0JCJKHOJQJ^JaJ$hynh2!CJKHOJQJ^JaJh2!CJKHOJQJ^JaJ'jh2!CJKHOJQJU^JaJ!h2!CJKHOJQJ^JaJo($h~Hh2!CJKHOJQJ^JaJ hLh2!h2!$hh2!CJKHOJQJ^JaJ'h~Hh2!CJKHOJQJ^JaJo(h\trRtRvRxRRRRkXE<<< $Ifgd#$$If[$\$a$gd~H#$$If[$\$a$gd."Fkd $$IfTl4FX*~F*0*    44 layt2!TRRR)kd$$IfTl4ֈX!%*~FRnn0*44 layt2!T $IfgdRRlSzTTTTT $Ifgd#$$If[$\$a$gds_p#$$If[$\$a$gd."FTTT4 # & F$If[$\$gdWhkd$$IfTlֈX!%*~FRnn0*44 layt2!TTT U,UNUxUUVWWjXXRYwk d$Ifgd2!d$If^gda; d$Ifgda;lkdb$$IfTl%**0*44 layt2!T TT U U*U,ULUNUvUxUUUVXXXXDYFYPYRYTYYYY@ZhZZZZP[R[~[[[[ݻݢ}u}}i[h/h/5CJ PJaJ ha;h2!5aJo(h2!h2!o( hDo( h2!h2!h5aJo(h5CJOJQJ\^Jo("hh2!5CJOJQJ\^J h5CJ h2!o(hDh5hDh5o(ha;hCJaJh ho(ha;h5aJha;h5aJo(hWh#RYTYYYZZ[{ dX$IfgdD dX$Ifgd[Plkd$$IfTl **0*44 layt[PT[[[[[[[[[[[[[~ywywywyww~gdF1KdG$H$UD<]K^gd/lkd$$IfTl **0*44 laytT [[[[[[[[[[h/h/5CJ PJaJ h.qjh.qU 21F:pK. 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